Babacan Rubber – Slide Bar for Atlas Copco Machines – Part Number: 3128045818 and 3128 0458 18

Babacan Rubber is recognized as a global leader in the spare parts industry, producing the critical component, slide bars with part number 3128045818 and 3128 0458 18, specifically designed for Atlas Copco rock drilling machines. This product highlights Babacan Rubber’s commitment to using high-quality materials and advanced technology, standing out with its durability and high performance.

Product Introduction:

3128045818 Slide Bar: Quality and Performance

The slide bar with part number 3128 0458 18 is manufactured to meet the specific needs of Atlas Copco machines. Produced with expertise and high-quality polyurethane material, this product stands out with reliability and effective solutions; it prevents friction between metal parts and ensures smooth movement of moving components.

Areas of Use and Function:

The 3128045818 and 3128 0458 18 slide bar is a critical component used in Atlas Copco rock drilling machines. Specifically, this metal slide, carrying the Atlas Copco rock drilling robot, facilitates the forward and backward movement of the robot. This is an ideal solution to optimize your processes and achieve top performance with your Atlas Copco machines.


•             Durability and High Performance: The slide bar, produced using stainless steel material and advanced technology, offers long-lasting durability and high performance.

•             Reliability in the Industry: Babacan Rubber’s expertise and quality make them a reliable brand in the industry.

•             Production with Advanced Technology: The 3128045818 and 3128 0458 18  slide bar is produced with advanced technology and excellent material quality, making it an ideal solution to optimize your processes.

Feel the difference in your Atlas Copco machines with this special slide bar! Contact us for detailed information or to place an order.